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Active Commute Week

We are challenging you to begin thinking differently about your commute. Instead of driving alone to your destination, consider alternative modes of transportation- bicycling, carpooling, joining a vanpool, or taking transit. Every trip counts and helps us work towards our ultimate goal of reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality in our region. There are several challenges taking place throughout the year at a local level, and there are always opportunities to contact us about starting your own challenge within your own organization.

To register:

  1. Sign up for an account or sign in to your existing account
  2. Once you are signed in, join the Active Commute Week
  3. Log your commute AND non-commute trips in the Travel Calendar which can be accessed once you log-in. Use the travel calendar to measure your level of impact.
  4. Remember to check our leaderboard to see where you stand!